❌  Always forgetting to bring your planner with you everywhere?
❌  Wasting so much paper trying to print and cut planner inserts to fit your lifestyle
❌  Planning for your goals only to forget about them weeks later

There has to be a better way.

Luckily, there is.

With Digital planning you can have all the benefits of paper planning but have it on your phone or tablet.

✅  Carry your planner with you everywhere, since you already take your phone with you all the time anyways!

✅ Plan all areas of your life without the extra bulk. With my planners you can plan for your finances, school, household, goals, projects, travel and more!

✅ & Finally stay consistent with planning!

Introducing the



You get all this:

✓ 5 Different colors included with one purchase
✓Choice between 2 different weekly layouts (vertical or wo1p)
✓ Each planner comes with a weekly schedule layout and weekly review pages
✓ Goal & Project Planners
✓ Monthly Planners with Overviews and Finances
✓ Daily Planners (All linked!)
✓ Lists and Notes Planning Pages
✓ Health & Fitness Planning Pages
✓ + Over 90+ extra templates all included!
✓ Optimized file so there is no lag and a way smaller file size!

Join over 500+ other DIGITAL PLANNERS who have FOUND PLANNER PEACE

Take a look at what people have said…

This planner has EVERYTHING Seriously, in addition to the full year planner, the number of inserts is UNREAL. So much work and care was put into this planner. I love the calming aqua color. It is absolutely worth the price. Before switching to digital I used a Big Happy Planner. What I loved about it was how easy it was to customize. This digital planner doesn’t make me miss my Happy Planner at all because I can really make it my own. I created my own digital planner last year so I’d have what I wanted... this one is better. Wends included things I never even thought of but now am surprised I lived without them. 100% recommended and will likely be buying every year.
Natalie B.
Very Detailed Planner I’m really enjoying this planner. So many inserts, extras and detailed areas to keep track of my life.
Elisa H.

watch the flip-through of the 2022 DIGITAL DELUXE planner

Easily stay consistent with your planner

> Easily navigate from year to month to week to day and back again

> Keep track of all your goals and have it with you so you always know what you’re working towards

> Set up routines and habits to help you streamline your life and make it easier to live a more organized and healthy lifestyle

> Keep track of all the little things in your life that would normally fall through the cracks

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weekly vertical layout

This is the traditional vertical 3 box layout. Separate each box into morning day or night, or use it for different categories in your life. 

week on one page layout

On one page you have your weekly boxes, a to do list and habit tracker, and on the other page you have a blank dot grid to freely use for anything you want. 



Digital planners are just like paper planners that you can write on just in a digital format. They are hyperlinked PDF files that you can use inside of your PDF annotation app. To get the pen to paper feel, all you need is a stylus like the apple pencil to “write on it”.

download a PDF annotation app on your device

My planner is not an app, you have to download a PDF annotation app  separately to be able to write on it. There are a lot of different apps to choose from depending on your specific tablet. Some are free and some are paid. 

If you are on iOS the best recommendation would be GoodNotes. 

I love that it syncs across multiple devices. 

Other recommendations:

  • – Zoomnotes (can sync to google calendar too, but can be a little complicated)
  • – Xodo
  • – Noteshelf
  • – Notability
  • – Penly


download & import your digital planner

Now that you have your tablet and note-taking app of choice, the next thing you will need is a digital planner to import it into your app! This will have pre-made layouts for your planner, links to easily navigate your planner. I have a video on how to import your file if you need help.

start planning

Once imported, you can start using it. You can write or type on it and use the links to jump from page to page easily. It’s always very simple to move around pages, add pages and notes wherever you need them. Customize your planner the way you want and add stickers to make it fun! 



Linked Yearly, monthly weekly and daily pages 

Plan your year and break them down every month, week and day!

What does it include:

 Dated 2022 Calendars and Timelines

 2022 Overview and annual reminders

 Monthly Calendars with Monthly overview and Expenses. Linked to Weekly and daily.(all linked)

 Weekly Planners with weekly schedules and reviews. Linked to daily pages (all linked!)

 Daily Planners that links back to the month and week, can be accessed from month or weeks. 


Goals & Project Planning Pages

Plan out your goals and the projects you need to reach them

What does it include:

 Goal planning and reflection

 Routines & Systems Tracker

 Project Planning Pages

 Timelines and goal breakdown planning


Easily switch between the weekly planner, weekly schedule and weekly review pages. 

What does it include:

 Weekly planner is great as an overview

 Weekly schedule is great for time blocking tasks

 Weekly review pages are great for tying your goals to your weekly plan


Lists & Notes

All kinds of notes and lists pages to plan for anything

What does it include:

 Master lists

 Brain dump lists

 Packing Lists (blank and pre-fillled)

 Wish lists

 To do lists

 Kanban Board Lists

 Priority Lists

 Notes pages (Storyboard, blank, grid, lined, boxed) 


over 90 extra inserts 

Add these to your custom sections or anywhere in your planner. I’ve included over 90 extra extra inserts 
 What does it include:

 blank inserts

 financial inserts

 business planning

 general planning and productivity inserts (includes new weekly layouts)

 household inserts and travel planners

 habits and routines inserts

 health and fitness inserts

 personal and hobby inserts

 blog/social media/youtube planning inserts

 school inserts for teachers/students


Choose your planner layout

weekly vertical layout

This is the traditional vertical 3 box layout. Separate each box into morning day or night, or use it for different categories in your life. 

week on one page layout

On one page you have your weekly boxes, a to do list and habit tracker, and on the other page you have a blank dot grid to freely use for anything you want. 

what you get after purchasing

> Access to my shop where you will be able to download your planner
> Choice between 5 different colors
> Choice of which version you prefer to plan with including:
  • Monday Version (Monday start months and weeks)
  • Sunday Version (Sunday start months and weeks)
  • & Hybrid Version (Sunday start months and Monday Start weeks)
 >a Getting started guide and video on how to import your planner to your device 
>Access to our new digital planning community! 

❓Frequently Asked Questions❓

If you are someone who has tried paper planning, and just cannot stick with it, this will help you get more organized, plan your life easier, and do it in a fun way still!

When most people think of digital planning, they think Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and no stickers! But I’m here to tell you that this digital planning is not the case! It’s essentially a paper planner but on your tablet! & once you get the hang of it, it’s soooo fun! 
My Digital Planners  include tons of functional planning inserts for goal setting, projects and more! & It’s jam packed with extra inserts. No need to buy extra inserts anywhere else. I provide over 87 templates for you to copy and paste wherever you need it.
My planners include  5 colored tabs to create your own sections whether it’s for school, business, social media, health and fitness, finances or anything else!
Also, my planners looks like the real thing! 
If you are willing, and are able to follow instructions, I don’t see why not. I also included an instructional booklet to help you get started. & if you wanna give digital planning a test drive, just download my free digital notebook first. 
An iOS device or a tablet, a PDF annotation app and my digital planner PDF. You can watch my youtube video about getting started over on my channel.
All of my digital planners come in 3 different formats:
  • Sunday Start
  • Monday Start
  • & a Hybrid Sunday & Monday Start where the Months start on Sundays and the Weeks start on Mondays
I made a video on how to scan your stickers in GoodNotes so you can use them in your digital planner! Check my youtube for the video: https://youtu.be/snOtXPnHz_s
I also have new digital stickers you can use with your new planners. 
You can easily carry your planner with you everywhere since it syncs to your phone too! & because it’s always with you, you will use it so much more!
You can still decorate your planner with stickers but as a bonus, you can reuse those stickers over and over again! So you will also save money there!
If you think you’ll miss writing on paper, there is a matte screen protector which can help you feel like you’re writing on paper.

Need more reasons? Check out my latest blog post where I share my 5 reasons I switched from paper to digital planning.⁣⁣
A wise man once said, “The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The next best time is now.”
The same applies to you. If not now, then when? Imagine where you would be in a few months if you started today. You can do this!
I discovered digital planning years ago, but was so intimidated by it that I didn’t give it a shot until a year ago. It was the best decision I have ever made.
I would advise you to get the Digital planner now because you will get instant access the moment you purchase, and you can start planning your years, goals, and projects now.

Hi, I'm Wenda!

I am a stay-at-home mom and I have been designing planners for over 6 years now. I love providing options for my followers and am always listening to their input. 

My planners are unique because they were made with productivity tips  in mind. I used to be the type who can make all the plans but never touch my planner again after that. But with my digital planner, that all changed. Just having it with me on my phone made it so much easier to stay consistent with it.

& with a planner that aesthetically looked great and had everything I needed to plan my life, it was even easier to stay on top of planning. 

With the right planning routines and my digital planner you can be sure to start taking on action on your big dreams. 




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weekly vertical layout

This is the traditional vertical 3 box layout. Separate each box into morning day or night, or use it for different categories in your life. 

week on one page layout

On one page you have your weekly boxes, a to do list and habit tracker, and on the other page you have a blank dot grid to freely use for anything you want.