• 9 Tips for a Perfectly Planned Day

    What do you have to do in your day for you to feel productive?  At the end of the day, if you couldn’t get anything else done, what would make you feel good about your day? Before I talk about the tips for a perfectly planned day I wanted to share with you another list. […]

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  • How To Be Consistent With Using Your Planner

    Planning is a great way to get organized, be more productive and get things done. Do you love to decorate and plan, but find it hard to actually use and be consistent with it every day? Or maybe you just keep forgetting to use your planner? Consistency simply put is just about repetition. It’s about […]

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  • 5 Planning Habits to Get More Done [VIDEO]

    If you’ve ever had trouble sticking to your plans or sticking to using your planner on a consistent basis then this video will show you some tips on how you can make planning a habit. You will learn to use your planner more effectively so you can get more done. 5 Planning Habits to Get […]

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