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  • Quick Tip: Peeling Cut Sticker Sheets Easily

    Here is a quick tip for today! Thanks to one of my Instagram followers for asking this question! When printing on the full sheets of sticker paper it can be hard to peel the backing off. I was stuck trying to get a corner to peel off then the next, then the next and still […]

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  • Erin Condren to-do Squares with check off boxes

    So my hubby just finished school, so I’ve had much more time to do my own projects. I have made these little squares to fit perfectly inside of our Erin Condren weekly boxes. They measure 1.5 x 1.9 and are great for making lists more neat or covering up mistakes. You can print them out, […]

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  • Planner Stickers

    I had to make my own planner stickers because the ones that came with my Erin Condren planner was not very suitable to my life style, I definitely do not party as often as they think, and I probably won’t be going to Vegas anytime soon. I made one that is perfect for people like […]

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