With the Untimely Planner, there is no pressure. If you miss a day, week, or month it's not going to ruin the planner. I found that when using a planner, if I started to miss a day or week, then I would get discouraged and stop using the planner altogether. With the Untimely planner, you can use it as often or infrequently as you want or need. Use this planner when you need it! This makes it great for us planner addicts who like to switch between planners throughout the year depending on our current schedules.

A truly portable sized planner measuring at only 6.10 inches tall by 5.04 inches wide (without the coil). Fit it in your purse and take this planner with you on the go! 

Everything you need

Finally a planner that fits you

The Untimely Planner is for planner enthusiasts who want an all-in-one planner that can go with them everywhere.

Undated monthly and weekly inserts so you can start and stop using it whenever you need. No more feeling guilty and wanting to quit just because you missed a few weeks of planning. 

Cute & Fun Design

Planning on your time

Plan more than just your appointments and to do's. With tabs for info, finances, to do, and lists you can now track and store important information as well! 

A cute & fun cover with diamond gold foil accents. This cover is sturdy enough to last throughout the year. 

I needed a planner that was really portable. One that would actually fit in my purse, even my smaller purses. I love planning on the go and having all of my important information with me. 

A filofax was my go to planner. However, every few months I would have to switch out my pages and add in new months and weeks since the rings were so small and can only fit so much. This became a problem for me, because I would have tons of loose pages. I didn't know how to store these pages, but didn't want to just trash them neither. I love being able to look back on my plans from previous years, it's like a diary for me. 

So I wanted a planner that was coiled, portable, and included everything that my filofax would.  I also wanted the freedom of using the whole planner even if I skipped a few weeks. (How many of you have 2016 planners that are only used for the first few weeks you got them? I know I do!) 

After using many kinds of planners, I decided the only way I was going to get planner peace was by designing my very own planner.

Planner Flip Through